Energy Efficiency is Under Attack in California

The Council Needs Your Help!

Right now, the Legislature has incredible pressure to lower energy bills. At the same time, the Governor and the Legislature are trying to finalize next year’s budget while managing another massive deficit.

Sadly, forces are working to eliminate energy efficiency funding that supports public purpose programs by redirecting ratepayers’ dollars to other uses that have nothing to do with energy efficiency.

The Council has been tracking this development for some time. What started as a rumor is now a real and present danger for our industry.


Call to Action

We Need Your Human Interest Stories. We are working with a PR firm to compile specific testimonial examples of how energy efficiency has been cost-effective and beneficial to people’s lives. Ideally representing residential, equity, schools, ESA, and farmworkers who have benefited from energy efficiency programs. Email with your story. DEADLINE EXTENDED THROUGH JULY!

Spread the Word! Especially with senior-level contacts in affiliated organizations who are affected by this, executive branch, legislative, and regulatory leadership. Stop the EE funding grab!

Please Contribute! Our goal is $100,000. It will be put into a general fund to support this and other Council activities so it is not specifically tied to advocacy for this issue. Click here to contribute online, or to be invoiced, email with the dollar amount.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!