Esperanza Vielma
Executive Director , Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW)
Co Founder, Coalition for Equity and Economics (CEEE)

From Community Activist to Executive Director, Esperanza Vielma is deeply rooted in serving underrepresented and disadvantaged communities in the San Joaquin Valley. From humble beginnings, she has experienced the inequities and injustice faced by people who reside in low-income disadvantaged communities especially those communities of color. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be an advocate for her community, to help people have access and equity to information and programs that would improve the quality of their lives. The vision to serve her community led Vielma to attend the University of California, Berkeley where she honed her skills for community activism and advocacy. Served on the Executive Board for the University of California-Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association; Vice-President (UCB CLAA); and served on the Cal Alumni Association CAA Board of Directors. Currently serving on the Advisory Board for UC Berkeley’s LatinX and The Environment. Recently selected by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) as a community expert partner to co develop a community engagement model. 

Additionally, Vielma is the Founder/Executive Director of Café Coop, a San Joaquin Valley community- based organization, the first incubator in the county. Café Coop assists micro-businesses, start-ups, with a heavy helping hand, in the incubation of their ideas and specializes in socially conscious and emerging technologies. In addition, Café Coop seeks to mentor start-ups that are owned by women of color. Founding board member and currently serving on the iHub San Joaquin Board. Co-founded the Annual H20 Hackathon that is now going on its 6th year. Vielma has also created the first Agricultural and Technology Summit in San Joaquin County that is now going on its 3rd year. Most recently Esperanza co founded the Coalition for Equity and Economics (CEEE) a statewide Environmental Justice Coalition to ensure equitable access to rooftop solar to our most vulnerable communities. 

In addition to her academic activism, Vielma is an active voice for the environmental justice community in the Valley. As the Executive Director of the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW), Vielma has been instrumental in educating and empowering underrepresented and disadvantaged communities to find their voice and advocate on their own behalf before regulatory agencies, elected officials and community stakeholders. Under her leadership, EJCW has recruited community leaders to participate in an Integrated Regional Water Management Task Force. EJCW also provides education to residents and activists through their community water meetings, and more notably, JCW’s Water Justice Leadership Training Series. Additionally, Vielma has served as chair of the Environmental Justice Advisory Group for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District where she is now involved as a stakeholder in San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s AB 617 Stockton Steering Committee. Esperanza was selected for the Delta Leadership Program’s inaugural Class of 2016 by the State of California’s Delta Protection Commission. For the past four years, Vielma has toured the state of California to bring awareness of the environmental justice movement and to empower disadvantaged communities to advocate on their behalf. Vielma’s community service extends to being an advisory board member for the Central Valley New Market Tax Credit (CVNMTC, LLC), a certified community development entity. She is also a member of the San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee presenting the County of San Joaquin. 

Recently, through the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), Vielma has managed a team of sixty canvassers in the Get Out the Vaccine (GOTV) campaign to register residents for their vaccinations through the State’s My Turn online portal.