The 2021 EM&V Forum

The Council’s 2021 EM&V Forum was on February 4th and was a great success.  The focus of the Forum was on the convergence of evaluation and implementation issues related to three critical topics:

  • Decarbonization evaluation and implementation
  • DER valuation and counting
  • NMEC site-based project rules

Our keynote speaker was Ed Vine from LBNL.  Ed provided an historical perspective on how California first developed its EM&V protocols and offered insights on why a functional evaluation process is so critical as California confronts head-on the drastic challenges brought about by climate change.

Link to EM&V Forum Program Booklet

Link to the EM&V Forum Slides

Link to the EM&V Forum Recording (Passcode: ZJT4$wNA)

Agenda at a Glance
10:00-10:10 Welcome and Overview

Greg Wikler, California Efficiency + Demand Management Council

10:10-10:30 Keynote Session: Strengthening the Value of Evaluation

Ed Vine, LBNL; Moderator: Gene Rodrigues, ICF

10:30-11:30 Panel #1: Decarbonization

Panelists: Rory Cox, CPUC; Reggie Wilkins, SCE; Carmen Best, Recurve; Ellen Steiner, Opinion Dynamics

Moderator: Jarred Metoyer, DNV GL

11:30-11:45 Sponsor Moments
11:45-12:30 Panel #2: Calling for More DERs

Panelists: Stephanie Yang, PG&E; Alice Havenar-Daughton, MCE; Steve Schiller, Schiller Consulting

Moderator: Molly Podolefsky, Guidehouse

12:30-1:30 Panel #3: The Promise and Challenge of NMEC

Panelists: Christina Torok, CPUC; Caroline Massad-Francis, PG&E; Bo White, NegaWatt Consulting

Moderator: Anna Kelly, Power TakeOff

1:30-1:40 Sponsor Moments
1:40-2:00 Wrap-up Panel – What we have learned and where do we go?

Panelists: Jarred Metoyer, DNV GL; Molly Podolefsky, Guidehouse; Anna Kelly, Power TakeOff

Moderator: Greg Wikler, CEDMC