EM&V – We’re All in This Together!
Perspectives on Custom Review, Fuel Substitution, Third-Party EM&V and Cost-Effectiveness

On February 12th 2020, The Council hosted its annual EM&V Forum: “We’re all in this Together”.  The Forum was attended by nearly 130 individuals who over the course of the day were able to hear the latest on some of the most pressing issues that efficiency and demand management evaluators and implementers are grappling with on a daily basis.  The topics included:

  • Real-time M&V
  • Cost-effectiveness reform
  • Decarbonization
  • Custom review process
  • Demand response program evaluations

Each session was intended to be interactive with ample opportunities for audience participation.  The Forum ended with a panel of all the day’s moderators reflecting on their key takeaways and next steps for improving EE and DR programs.  With a diversity of participants including EE/DR service providers, DER technology providers, EE/DR program administrators (including representatives from all 4 California IOUs, one RENs, and one CCA), EE/DR regulators, advocates and other stakeholders, a continuous and resonant theme throughout the day was what can we do to bring about continuous improvement to the EE/DR program ecosystem, ranging from better program design and delivery approaches, better ways to measure impacts, better ways to judge the economic viability of EE/DR programs, and new pathways for achieving California’s ambitious decarbonizatoin goals.  The day concluded with a networking happy hour that was well attended by many of the day’s participants.

A copy of all Forum presentations can be found here: 2020 EM&V Forum Slide Deck

A copy of the Forum program agenda book can be found here: 2020 EM&V Forum Program Agenda Book

Thank you again to our Sponsors for their support:  Opinion Dynamics, DNV-GL, SBW Consulting, CLEAResult, and Guidehouse